Children, adolescents and adults can experience anxiety. Anxiety can be triggered by an event or by chronic stress. It can also happen without explanation and be the result of genetic or biological factors that the person has no ability to prevent.






Do you spend a lot of time worrying about things you cannot change or control? Yes No
Are you afraid of or dread things but don’t know why? Yes No
Do your thoughts race and jump around? Yes No
Do you feel restless, edgy or unable to relax? Yes No
Are you irritable, tense and uptight? Yes No
Do you have fears of fainting, having a heart attack or dying? Yes No
Have you ever had an episode of intense fear that came on without warning? Yes No
Would you or others describe you as anxious or panicky? Yes No
Have you ever been to the ER or doctor’s office due to fear of having a heart attack? Yes No
Do you avoid normal activities to not feel anxious or panicked? Yes No
Do you have trouble getting a good night’s rest? Yes No
Is it hard to concentrate or make decisions? Yes No
Do others tell you to stop worrying so much? Yes No
Have you ever been afraid of losing control, going crazy or had feelings of
impending doom? Yes No

If you answered Yes to three or more of these questions, it is advisable that you seek treatment. If you have chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue or dizziness in combination with these symptoms, schedule to see your family doctor or cardiologist as soon as possible to rule out heart disease.

Lees Psychological Services offers treatment for anxiety and can help you with this problem. Anxiety is a serious problem and if left untreated, gets progressively worse. Treatment through psychological therapy and, if necessary, medication, is highly effective and benefits overall physical and emotional wellness.