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Parent’s aren’t to blame for eating disorders Dr. Laura A. Lees, Psy.D., CEDS talks to NIS about how parents aren't to blame for eating disorders and how they are multi-factorial illnesses. Dr. Lees (former founding Vice President of the NORMAL In Schools nonprofit organization, now called Mental Fitness, Inc.) is one of many experts participating in the online educational film to [...]

The Role of Temperament in Eating Disorders

Prior to the understanding we now have about the genetic influence of eating disorders, the impact of sociocultural factors, such as drive for thinness and dieting behavior, were thought to be primary contributors to the development of anorexia and bulimia. We now have a greater understanding that eating disorders are the result of complex interactions [...]

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The Effects of Stress on Heart Health

Most people are aware that there is a connection between stress and heart disease. “Stress” refers to excessive pressures or demands that are placed upon us or that we place upon ourselves. In our fast paced, technology-driven, do-things-to-the-extreme culture, persistently increasing pressures and demands are part of everyday life. Unfortunately, our heart health has taken [...]

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Inventory of Stress Symptoms

What is stress? Stress is the mental and/or physical tension or strain the body experiences in response to events happening in a person's life. Stress affects our internal organs, like the heart and stomach, and impedes our mental state, emotional reactions, relationships and spirituality. Medical problems, such as heart disease, are stressful in many ways: [...]

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Evidence-Based Treatment: Is It The Answer To Treating Eating Disorders?

Evidence-based treatment (EBT) has become a hot topic in the field of eating disorders as well as healthcare in general. EBT is defined as interventions, treatments or psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to produce therapeutic change when studied in controlled research trials. While the purpose of this article is not to be critical of [...]

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Type D Personality

Most people are familiar with the Type A – intense, overachieving, perfectionistic – and Type B – noncompetitive, relaxed – personalities and the link between Type A personality and heart disease. But now, Type D personality seems to be an even stronger predictor of cardiovascular health. Psychologist Johan Denollet, a professor of medical psychology in [...]

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I Hate Exercise

“I hate exercise.“ This was the first thing a 78 year old woman said to me at our initial appointment when I was reviewing the reasons her cardiologist referred her to me. The doctor wanted her to increase her activity level and lose weight. The woman had some, but not much, interest in losing weight [...]