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Genetic Risk Factors in Eating Disorders

In this article, I want to lay out what has been learned about the genetic predisposition for eating disorders and how this can help identify who may be at risk for developing an eating disorder. The first part of the article explains the background and basic science behind our current understanding of the genetic tendencies [...]

22 Things My Patients Say They Needed to Learn In Order To Recover

“What does recovery look like?” is a common question frequently asked by patients and families. Patients often fear being recovered just means gaining weight and still being unhappy. While the answer to this question may seem like it should be simple and succinct, it’s actually quite complex. It’s even a question being debated and researched [...]

Those Voices

We don’t hear much about them, but you know those voices -- the two that constantly compete for your attention from the time you get up until you go to sleep. Sometimes the voices may even get acted out in your dreams. It’s the healthy voice that says food isn’t bad, it’s okay to eat, [...]

Maintaining Recovery During The Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are underway and the media is flooding us with images that portray only positive, happy and warm interactions among family and friends as they eat and drink together. Probably everyone would like this to be true for them, but often it isn’t. Preparing for the holidays brings with it stress simply [...]

Dieting and Weight Loss Quiz

Dieting and Weight Loss Quiz   Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions: Do you think weight loss is a good way to improve your health? Do you ever feel hopeless about your weight? Are you careful with what you eat so you don’t have to exercise? Do you want to lose weight quick [...]

Getting the Right Help for Eating Disorders

If you’re concerned about someone with an eating disorder, you’ve come to the right place! You need to get the right help and here’s why:    Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are biologically-based disorders that can have deadly consequences. No one ever goes on a diet or tries to get healthier with [...]

Fatter Than Before: How Diets Cause Weight Gain

Diets “work”… Until They Don’t         Any radical change with eating or exercise will result in weight loss – for a while. Radical changes can be anything from cutting calories to clean eating to eliminating carbs to drinking shakes to taking supplements to hormone injections to body boot camps to commercial diet [...]

Inventory of Stress Symptoms

What is stress? Stress is the mental and/or physical tension or strain the body experiences in response to events happening in a person's life. Stress affects our internal organs, like the heart and stomach, and impedes our mental state, emotional reactions, relationships and spirituality. Medical problems, such as heart disease, are stressful in many ways: [...]

Body Image: A Major Challenge During Recovery

One of the most challenging aspects of eating disorders treatment and recovery is dealing with body image.  A big reason for this is that the body image expectations depicted in every form of media give the clear message that NO body is acceptable the way it is.  So, if the average person without an eating [...]

Orthorexia Nervosa: Optimal Health Gone Wrong

“Orthorexia Nervosa” is an obsession with eating the “right” foods or the “healthiest” food for the purpose of optimal health. It begins with an enthusiastic interest in following a stringent dietary practice, such as vegetarianism or raw food veganism. It is not that these diets cause orthorexia. Rather, when these practices are taken to extremes, [...]