Could you or someone you know have an eating disorder? Take this quiz and find out:

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  1. Have you developed fears or beliefs about food you never had before?
  2. Do you think losing weight would make your life better?
  3. Are other people concerned about your weight, eating or exercise habits?
  4. Do you often feel fat?
  5. Have you changed your eating and exercise because you don’t like your weight?
  6. Do most other people eat and/or exercise like you?
  7. Are you keeping secrets about how you’re eating or trying to lose weight?
  8. Would you eat more than others if you did not control yourself?
  9. Do you weigh yourself more than once per week?
  10. Does controlling your food or weight make you feel good?
  11. Have you ever thought about or actually thrown up after eating?
  12. Does having to eat a normal meal scare you?
  13. Do you define foods in “good” and “bad” categories?
  14. Do you feel you need to get rid of calories after you eat them?
  15. Have you ever eaten a large amount of food and felt out of control?
  16. Would you rather stay home to eat or exercise instead of spending time with friends?
  17. Do you force yourself to starve, exercise or purge when you don’t want to?
  18. Have you ever used diet pills or laxatives for weight control or weight loss?
  19. Do you think if you eat more calories the weight will go right to your stomach, butt or thighs?
  20. Would you ever want your best friend to eat like you do?
  21. Do you get angry when others question what or when you’re eating?
  22. Can you eat three normal meals a day without feeling anxious, depressed or out of control?
  23. Do you eat lots of food when others are not around?
  24. Would you feel like a failure if you gained weight or couldn’t diet?
  25. Has your weight become a central focus in your life?
  26. Do you panic if you can’t exercise?
  27. Has your menstrual period changed or stopped?
  28. Are you frequently going on diets but not losing weight?
  29. Have you ever wondered whether you have an eating disorder?

If you answered Yes to five or more questions, you could have anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder. It is advisable that you seek treatment from an eating disorders specialist and your family doctor.

Lees Psychological Services offers specialized treatment for eating disorders and can help you with this problem. Eating disorders are serious problems that get worse without treatment, can cause major medical problems and require psychological intervention from experts. The sooner treatment is started in the progression of an eating disorder, the better. We believe patients can fully recover from eating disorders and work from this philosophy in the treatment we provide.