Lees Psychological Services

Online Communication Policies


Electronic Communication

For the purpose of protecting your confidentiality to the highest degree, it is our preference not to communicate about any clinical matters via email. LPS email is encrypted when at rest in our inbox and when in transit to a recipient. However, most personal email accounts are not encrypted, so information you receive from us may be at risk for access by unauthorized users. Please consider your risks before using email communication with LPS. We do not communicate via text messaging.

The Office Manager has first access to all emails that are received in the clinic’s email inbox. Dr. Lees is in session most hours of the workday, typically does not access the clinic’s email and responds quickest to messages left in her voice mail box. Email messages are not accessed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Any email messages we receive from patients are required by law to be printed and become part of the patient’s medical record. Please do not use email to contact us in an emergency.

Monthly statements will be sent via encrypted email at your request.


Social Media

We maintain a website (www.eatingdisordersmilwaukee.com) and a YouTube channel (LeesPsychological) where we post articles and videos that we encourage our patients to read and watch.

In order to respect our mutual rights for privacy, we do not accept, nor will we initiate, any invitations to communicate via social media. Unless there is a specific reason (such as, to see if bankruptcy has been filed if an account goes unpaid and our attempts to collect have been exhausted), we do not check the social media accounts or other online resources of potential, current or former patients of the clinic.


Contact Us

Prospective patients are invited to email us with questions or to schedule an appointment. The Contact Us link on our website goes directly to our encrypted email inbox. To protect your confidentiality, please keep in mind that communications via email over the Internet are not always secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in an email can be intercepted and read by other parties before it reaches our inbox.

You, or your child, will only be considered a patient at Lees Psychological Services once you have completed and submitted the intake paperwork and have been seen by Dr. Lees at the first assessment appointment.