Inventory of Stress Symptoms

What is stress? Stress is the mental and/or physical tension or strain the body experiences in response to events happening in a person's life. Stress affects our internal organs, like the heart and stomach, and impedes our mental state, emotional reactions, relationships and spirituality. Medical problems, such as heart disease, are stressful in many ways: [...]

Orthorexia Nervosa: Optimal Health Gone Wrong

“Orthorexia Nervosa” is an obsession with eating the “right” foods or the “healthiest” food for the purpose of optimal health. It begins with an enthusiastic interest in following a stringent dietary practice, such as vegetarianism or raw food veganism. It is not that these diets cause orthorexia. Rather, when these practices are taken to extremes, [...]

Despite Mental Health Parity Law, Gaps In Compliance, Enforcement Remain

Seven years after Congress passed the landmark law banning discrimination in the treatment of mentally ill people, many families and their advocates complain it stubbornly persists, largely because insurers are subverting the law in subtle ways and the government is not aggressivley enforcing it.

2015-09-23T14:56:24-05:00In The News|

What If We Could Predict Emotional Reactions Before They Happen By Looking At The Brain?

There have been many advances in neuroimaging when it comes to understanding our brains and the correlation to our emotions throughout the years. But new research published in the journal PLOS biology has identified a "brain signature" that can actually predict the intensity of negative emotional responses to evocative images in individuals by looking at [...]

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ACA Changes On Consumer Out-of-Pocket Costs for Medical Care Vexes Employers

One of the Affordable Care Act's key protections was to cap how much consumers can be required to pay out of pocket for medical care each year. Now some employers say the administration is unfairly changing the rules that determine how those limits are applied, and they're worried it will cost them more.

2015-09-21T20:02:46-05:00In The News|

Mental Healthcare Could Be More Productive With The Help Of A Smart App That Serves As A Real-Time Diary

A smartphone application has been developed that allows patients to input information about their daily symptoms, almost like a digital diary, and then share that with their psychiatrist for more effective treatment.

2015-09-23T14:54:19-05:00In The News|
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