Children, adolescents and adults can get depression. Depression can be triggered by an event or by chronic stress. It can also come on out of the blue and be the result of genetic or biological factors that the person cannot control.

Do you feel sad, blue or downhearted? Yes No
Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy? Yes No
Would you rather be alone than with others? Yes No
Are you eating more or less than normal? Yes No
Do you feel agitated and restless? Yes No
Have you been sleeping too much or too little? Yes No
Do you cry for unknown reasons? Yes No
Have you been more irritable or angry than usual? Yes No
Do you have less energy and/or feel more fatigued? Yes No
Are you having trouble concentrating or remembering things? Yes No
Do you feel worthless or empty? Yes No
Do you have physical problems that aren’t getting better with or without treatment? Yes No
Do you often feel guilty about things and blame yourself? Yes No
Do you feel helpless, like you don’t know what to do to feel better? Yes No
Do you feel hopeless, like nothing will help make things better? Yes No
Have you lost interest in sex? Yes No
Have you had thoughts about hurting yourself or of wanting to be dead? Yes No

If you answered Yes to three or more of these questions, it is advisable that you seek treatment. If you have thoughts about hurting yourself or about wanting to be dead, it is essential that you get help now by contacting your doctor, going to the emergency room, calling 911 or scheduling to see a mental health professional.

Lees Psychological Services offers treatment for depression and can help you with this problem. Depression is a serious health condition that requires psychological intervention. Treatment through therapy and, if necessary, medication, is very effective and benefits overall physical and emotional health.